Selina's yoga journey...

Having worked in the financial sector in London for over 10 years, Selina found yoga to be the perfect tonic, bringing some much needed balance into her busy life.

Selina's journey from the corporate world to a yoga teacher has been one of personal and professional transformation. Her passion for yoga began to deepen after attending an Ayurvedic yoga retreat in Southern India in 2013, and in 2017 she quit her corporate job, and transitioned into full-time yoga teaching, qualifying as a Hatha Yoga teacher under Yoga Alliance UK.


Selina's friendly, calming manner creates an environment where her students feel welcome and at ease, and her style of teaching brings together invigorating Hatha flow sequences and grounding postures, with an emphasis on moving with breath and intention. Mindfulness and relaxation are also key parts of Selina’s classes and she incorporates guided meditation and yoga Nidra to help her students benefit from the deep restorative powers of yoga.


Selina's yoga journey is unending and she remains continually excited by the transformational benefits of practice on and off the mat. 


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