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"I have attended Selina's yoga classes for more than 5 years and cannot sing her praises enough!  She is an excellent and empathetic teacher who demonstrates a sound knowledge of yoga practice.  Selina is aware that some members of her class have health or mobility issues and is very tactful when introducing postures that some may have difficulty with and always suggests alternative methods.  She  varies every session in order to stretch and challenge different areas of the body and I always leave the class feeling energised and with an increased level of fitness."

~ Anon, Rode Somerset

"I have been a regular attendee at Selina’s classes for many months now. I have tried other teachers and other classes and Selina’s approach is by far the best. The preparation, care and thought she puts into each class is impressive. During each session, she is sensitive to the needs of all individuals and takes the class on a wonderful journey with clear, precise guidance. Everything is managed with competence and professionalism. Add to this her sunny personality and disarming, friendly nature and I could not recommend her highly enough."
~ Stewart, Bristol

"If you want an always bright, smiling, sunny, happy yoga teacher Selina is your lady. I must have been attending her sessions in the village 5-7 years, always with pleasure and a feeling of wellbeing afterwards.  She is skillful in changing sequences of postures and introducing new ones; in being aware of the average age and ability of this class; and in offering postures but never pressurising you to achieve them !! A delight."

~ Anon, Rode Somerset

"I look forward to Selina's classes because she is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and kind. She varies what we do each week and explains the moves and poses in detail, which is very helpful. Selina is aware of everyone in her class and she gives support and help where needed. I have benefited in so many ways from doing yoga with Selina."

Anon, Rode Somerset

"Selina's yoga classes are great, my balance and flexibility have improved and I find it is complimentary to my running and cycling."
 ~ Simon, Bristol

"It is such a pleasure to attend Selina’s yoga classes. Each session seems designed to accommodate different levels of ability with a variety of postures and to be challenging for individuals without leaving anyone behind – a real teaching skill. Selina provides very clear instructions while demonstrating movements which flow from one to another. The result is that the classes are calming yet invigorating. I come out feeling satisfyingly taller and strengthened but also more peaceful within myself. I have attended many yoga sessions over the years with different teachers, and an unexpected bonus of Selina’s classes is that the atmosphere is really friendly and relaxed, which evidently stems from her and from the way she teaches. I thoroughly recommend Flourish Yoga."
~ Rosie, Bristol

"I have been practising yoga for many years and Selina's classes are some of the best I have attended. The classes are fun and informative. Selina is reliable, knowledgeable and encouraging and I feel very comfortable and safe to try different things. Selina is a very welcoming, smiley and friendly person and always brings a delightful spiritual energy to each class, which is very special." 
 ~ Belinda S, Rode, Somerset

"I had been talking about taking up yoga for a very long time, but had never found a class or teacher that really inspired me. Then I came across Selina and have been attending her classes in Bristol for two years. I cannot overstate how good she is: her instructions are always clear and each class seems to include something new so you always feel interested and challenged. I come away feeling fitter, more focussed and an inch taller! One more thing about Selina - you feel she really cares about the wellbeing of each individual in the class. There are always gentler options, so her classes are accessible to everybody. Such a positive experience."
 ~ Sarah, Bristol

"Over the years I have been to a large number of yoga classes with various different teachers and Selina’s class is by far the best that I have ever been to. She teaches in a really professional way with easy to follow explanations of each movement and demonstrates each posture very clearly. She always offers alternative postures/positions to suit everyone’s varying ability and limitations which is vitally important in any yoga class. You are always made to feel at ease and her lovely personality makes the class really enjoyable and fun. I always really look forward to the class and the time just flies by! 
I have felt a lot more flexible since coming to her classes and I always leave feeling energised and yet at the same time really relaxed.
I can thoroughly recommend Selina’s yoga classes to anyone of any age and of any ability."
~ Jill, Thornbury

"After trying yoga several times and always concluding it wasn't for me, I started enjoying it regularly when I discovered Selina's class. The main reason, apart from Selina's lovely energy, is that she explains each pose very clearly, which had not been the norm in my experience. The other nice thing is that while there are regular core poses, each class has a slightly different focus and sequence, which creates variety and interest.I strongly recommend Selina's classes."
 ~ Antonia, Bristol

"I first joined Selina’s yoga class shortly after the loss of my husband.
Initially, I would arrive in a state of panic, felt very weak and was unable to balance. Selina’s calm approach to her subject and reflecting  atmosphere has allowed me the time and a safe space to focus on myself.Following her classes, I feel a cloud has been lifted and I always look forward to the next class.17 months on, and I arrive at class feeling more confident and physically stronger and I have also made some lovely friends there.Thank you Selina for helping me through a very difficult time in my life."

 ~ Gaye, Thornbury

"I have been attending Selina's yoga class for approx. one year. I absolutely love going to her class. Apart from the fact she is a lovely, caring lady, her class suits me perfectly. The poses are gentle and so beneficial. I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and after attending Selina's class I feel much better, relaxed, refreshed and more focused in my daily life. She is a joy and the best yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure to meet." 
 ~ Sue, Thornbury

"Selina is a caring, kind, positive and enthusiastic yoga teacher who supports everyone in her yoga class whatever their age and ability and she has a great sense of humour. The classes are therefore really fun and enjoyable and I always look forward to them. She supports and encourages us to do our best and offers different versions of the postures so that we can all do them and we are always made to feel comfortable. I have found that the yoga breathing has really helped my asthma and I always feel really relaxed at the end of the class and yet at the same time I feel as if I have had a good stretch. Selina is a lovely and wonderful person who always has a smile upon her face!"
 ~ Jessica, Thornbury

"I have attended Selina's classes weekly for the past 2 years, and would highly recommend her. Clear instructions, and very professional. I am 72 so have attended lots of different classes over the years,  but can honestly say this is one of the most enjoyable!"
 ~ Janet, Bristol

"I have been to various yoga classes over many years and experienced a range of teaching styles.  For over a year I have had the pleasure of attending classes led by Selina. Her approach to her classes and all her students is exemplary  in terms of her clear explanation and demonstration of postures and technique, and her inclusive style of teaching which encourages full participation by her students irrespective of individual ability and experience."
 ~ Paula, Bristol

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