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This event has now ended. To be kept up to date on future events like this, sign up to my mailing list here!

Yoga & Nutrition Wellbeing Workshop

Spring into 2023:

An opportunity to lift energy levels through the practice of yoga and discover healthy ways to support the body with a variety of helpful and effective nutrition ideas!


Sunday 22nd January 2023 

2pm - 4pm


 at Bristol's newest city sanctuary - Sensate Spa & Studios.



Selina will take you through a sequence of uplifting yoga postures, concluding her practice with a relaxing Yoga Nidra.


Lucy will dispel confusion about healthy eating in a relaxed and interactive session.


The afternoon will include;

  • Flowing yoga sequence suitable for all

  • Guided Yoga Nidra with the seasonal theme of Rebirth

  • Simple food swaps for big changes in health and wellbeing

  • Taste testing a superfood to supercharge health in a simple way

  • An opportunity to discuss food & health issues with a registered nutritional therapist


Sensate Spa & Studios
The Garden, 68 Northumbria Drive

*This is a stand-alone event and not connected to any class bundles/credit you may have already purchased

There is free parking around the area as its a Sunday but no designated parking for the studio itself   

You can arrive from 1.45pm (ring the buzzer on the gate)

Please bring your own mat, extra blanket 

Once booked no refunds will be given

If you would prefer to pay in instalments then please contact Selina at 

Sensate Spa
Sensate Spa
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