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Yoga, Nutrition & 'Hormone Harmony' Workshop
Spa Day Retreat

Sunday 2nd July

11:00 - 17:00

Sensate Spa & Studios

Bristol, BS9 4HW


Email me to book 


What's Included:

Yoga classes morning & afternoon

A workshop on balancing hormones through nutrition & lifestyle

Boutique city spa experience: sauna, plunge barrel & hot tub 

Delicious and wholesome plant-based lunch, treats & drinks

What to Expect...

Book a day retreat at Bristol's coolest city spa, Sensate Spa & Studios with Yoga Teacher Selina Ratcliffe and Nutritional Therapist Lucy Harper.


Yoga ~ breath-work ~ meditation

The morning session will be an uplifting yoga practice to energise the body and mind for the day ahead. Including flowing yoga sequences, and invigorating breath work to stimulate the metabolism and boost energy levels.

The afternoon session will be a slower-paced yoga and meditation practice, focusing on gentle movements and relaxation techniques to calm the nervous system and a Yoga Nidra session, a guided relaxation for deep rest and healing, leaving you feeling blissful. 


Finding your Hormone Harmony workshop + Q&A

With nutritional therapist Lucy -"Finding Your Hormone Harmony" workshop is designed to help you achieve hormonal balance and improve overall health and well-being. The workshop focuses on identifying common hormonal imbalances and how they can affect various aspects of one's life. You will learn about the importance of hormone balance, the signs and symptoms of imbalances, and effective ways to restore balance through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and other natural methods. The workshop provides practical tools and strategies to help individuals find their unique hormone "sweet spot" to optimise health and quality of life. Whether you are struggling with weight gain, sugar cravings, mood swings, fatigue, health issues, or just generally interested in keeping your hormones in equilibrium this workshop offers valuable insights and solutions to help you achieve hormonal harmony and improve your overall wellbeing. There will be time for a Q&A so please bring any questions with you! 

Boutique outdoor city spa

Exclusive use of the outdoor sauna, plunge barrel and hot tub! There will be drinks and a selection of healthy snacks to enjoy and you can also chill in the peaceful city garden.


A delicious and nutritious plant-based lunch will be served using fresh wholesome ingredients that will fuel your body and mind. Food is a key source of 'prana' our life energy and the right foods can enhance your yoga journey.

About your teachers

Selina ~

Lucy ~




Once booked no refunds will be given

This is a stand-alone event and not connected to any class bundles/credit you may have already purchased

There is free parking around the area as its a Sunday but no designated parking for the city spa itself   

You can arrive from 10.45am (ring the buzzer on the gate)

Please bring your own mat, extra blanket, (and swimwear, towel, sunscreen, flip-flops recommended if you plan to use the city spa facilities)

If you would prefer to pay in instalments then please contact Selina at 

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